Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)


Model: Avanta

The Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy is an important instrument for elemental analysis. The elements sought in the sample are found by the help of the absorption of the light in the wavelength that is specific to that element. The cathode lamp is able to give sharp results for the quantities in the sample because the wavelength of the sought element is usually obtained by excitation of the element itself. It is usually used for metals. Our AAS has graphite burning system. As an electro thermal atomizer, a tube called a graphite furnace of 1 cm inner diameter and 2-3 cm long is used. It is heated by the resistance wires connected to both sides of this tube. The oven can be heated gradually with electrical resistance up to 3000 ° C. It is more expensive but more advantageous than flaming systems. Particularly it is preferred for analysis of heavy metal elements as it can reach the ppb level. The element determinations in solution are carried out by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy in our laboratory. According to the quantity of the element in the sample, and the quantity which is to be determined, an appropriate technique- Flame, Graphite Furnace or Hyride- is preferred to analyze.

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