Gas Sensor Measurement System

Marka:Wayne Kerr, Keithley, LakeShore, Alicat

Model: 6500B, 2400, 325, MC

Sensors are devices that can convert physical or chemical changes into electrical signals in the environment. Gas sensors are devices that operate in the gas environment and detect the presence of gases. The measurement system consists of an impedance analyzer, a temperature controller, a sourcemeter, a cooling system (dewar) and a gas flow controller. The measurement system has a working temperature of 77 K – 573 K (-196 oC to 300 oC). Measurements of current-voltage (I-V), capacitance-time (C-t), capacitance-voltage (C-V), current-time (I-t) are performed depending on time, temperature and gas concentration. Measurements are made with Ar, Acetylene, CO2, H2, He, Dry air, O2, N2 and N2O etc.

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