Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optic Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES)

Marka: Spectro

Model: SpectroBlue

ICP-OES is one the most popular techniques used for analysis of trace elements of numerous samples. It is based on emission measurement of atoms which is stimulated by transferring to gaseous phase when the sample is repelled into the plasma which is approximately 6000 – 10000 °C. Liquid and gases are possible to measure directly whereas the extraction or fractionation process is necessary for solid matters. ICP-OES makes qualitative and quantitative analysis in liquid and solid samples. It eliminates wastage of “purge gas” with UV-PLUS system. It is possible to make trace element analysis of agricultural products, food products, living tissues, geological samples, oils, environmental samples and water samples with ICP-OES. Heavy metal analysis is one of the most frequently implementations in liquid samples. However the detection limits of device differ according to implementation and sample matrix, it is generally at a level of ppb-ppm.

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