Gamma Measurement System with Germanium Detector


Model: GEM50P4-83

Gamma ray measurement system is commonly used in nuclear industry, geochemical researches and astrophysics. With gamma measurement system with Ge Detector, analysis of radioactive materials spreading gamma rays at different energy and severity can be carried out. Gamma measurement system with Ge detector consists of energy- sensitive radiation detector (Ge), liquid nitrogen based detector cooling assembly, electronic system perceiving signals produced by detector and amplifiers to perceive, show and hide spectrum data. Germanium crystals are at high- purity and its p-type, equated and detector window is aluminum. Gamma rays having energy between 40 keV and 10 MeV can be measured. Relative photopic efficiency is at least 50%. Separation efficiency is 1,90 Kev in 1,33 Mev (Co 60) (FWHM).

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