Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, as interdisciplinary, covers the engineering sciences, particularly Materials and Nanotechnology, along with Chemistry, Biology, Physics basic sciences and, forms products intended for the Veterinary and Medical sciences. Although the importance of regenerative therapies has been known for the last 30 years, very important developments are recorded today. In this respect, the infrastructure installation of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, which has gained importance due to serving as a common area of interdisciplinary, was created and served to the service within the past 2 years In addition, studies are underway on controlled release systems which are subdivisions of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

In our Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Laboratory, biomaterials can be produced for tissue engineering and Biocompatibility tests of the manufactured materials are tested in cell cultures. There is a Standard Cell Culture Room for these operations, in which there are basic devices required for cell culture studies.


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