Kastamonu University Center Research Laboratory Application and Research Center was established bound to Rectorate of Kastamonu University in accordance with the Law No. 2847 and Law No. 2880, with in the Article 7 / d-2, dated 14/12/2014 and published in the Official Newspaper, in accordance with Higher Education Executive Committee Decision. Kastamonu University Center Research Laboratory Application and Research Center started its activities in 2015. Our Center is structured in accordance with the procedures and principles of Kastamonu University Center for Research Laboratory Application and Research Center Regulation, which is based on Article 14 of the first paragraph of Article 7 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547 dated 4/11/1981 and number (2) . Its objectives, areas of activities, management bodies and duties are defined and regulated by the above-mentioned law. The aim of our center is to provide research and application opportunities for faculty / institute / vocational and vocational higher education faculties and graduate students, to inform instructors, to organize courses and seminars, to conduct analysis and research according to the needs of the industry, to test public and / to increase the research potential of the university, to improve the competitiveness of the project based on national and international scale, to provide scientific and technological projects between industry and universities and disciplines, to produce scientific information and to improve technological transformation possibilities. These targets have been determined by the members of the Board of Directors of Kastamonu University Center Research Laboratory Application and Research Center and they are revised and updated according to the requirements of the period in accordance with specified time periods in the regulation.

Our center’s research strategy has been dealt with in a total and multidimensional way. It also supports interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research activities. It combines basic applied fields and interdisciplinary research and development activities within a centralized organization. In our center, there are19 people in total; 1 director, 2 assistant managers, 6 unit accountants, 5 experts, 1 biologist, 1 technician, 3 civil servants. With its expert working team, it provides services and support to the scientific studies at the graduate level by guiding the research of graduate and doctoral students in both our university and other universities and by providing them to work in a comfortable and peaceful environment. TÜBİTAK is also preparing a reliable working environment for the project works carried out with the support of Ministry of Development  and Kastamonu University Scientific Research Projects (BAP).

Research and development (R & D) and consultancy services are provided to both local and national public and private sector organizations serving many areas with high-tech devices at our headquarters. It meets the analysis needs of universities, research centers, industry, public institutions and third parties as far as the facilities of the center are concerned. The activities undertaken are of great importance both economically and socio-cultural in terms of regional and national aspects.

Our center has the necessary physical and technical infrastructure for research activities and has 26 laboratories, 3 meeting rooms, work offices, electric-mechanical workshops, cold storage rooms and specially designed chemical storage rooms within a usage area of ​​4.789 m2.

In addition, there are a total of ten units including the imaging unit, the chromatic unit, the nuclear research unit, the thermal analysis unit, the spectroscopy unit, the mechanical characterization unit, the analysis laboratory unit, the tissue engineering and biomimetic unit, the magnetic characterization unit, environmental problems, water and wastewater analysis unit.

Moreover, there is also the Liquid Nitrogen Production Unit, which is active in our laboratory in order to meet the liquid nitrogen requirement of our university, Kastamonu private and public institutions.

The devices in our center are capable of serving in many fields of engineering such as physics, chemistry, biology, environment, materials, machinery, electrical-electronics and food and in the fields of health sciences such as pharmacy, forensic medicine and dentistry

Regarding all the equipment in our headquarters, specialist and technical personnel are trained with the determined frequency. Device usage training certificates are issued to research staff with the necessary competence.

The procurement of the laboratory equipment which is taken to our headquarters is carried out by the Coordinator of Scientific Research Projects of our University. Service contracts and sample acceptance forms for all devices for the allocation of research activities of laboratory resources are published in electronic environment.

Specimen acceptance criteria have been determined by our specialist staff based on the operating principle of the device. In addition, the fee table in the analysis that is requested to be made is also available in electronic environment. Our Center continues to work devotedly in order that our country can have a word in the scientific community in line with the goals determined by our Rector, governing body and the academic members at Kastamonu University.

In our efforts to reach high-achieving targets, our government’s support gives us courage and strength after this day as it is up to this day.

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