Surface Area Measurement Device (BET)



BET device surface area measurements with the method of physical adsorption in solid and particle samples can detect micro, mesa and micropore size and pore size distribution under low pressures and with high resolution. Before the experiment, the samples are placed into degas unit which applies vacuum heat (up to 350°C) for distillation and refining from water, after, the samples are subjected to analysis with nitrogen which is used as adsorbate at liquid nitrogen temperature. As a result of these experiments, “adsorption isotherm” which shows how much nitrogen the matter inhibits and at which pressure it does that is acquired. After the development of the adsoption isotherm, parameters such as BET Surface Area (one or multiple pointed), micropore size distribution) 0.5 nm – 2 nm), Mesopore Size Distribution (2 nm- 50 nm), overall pore volume, Average Pore Size can be calculated.

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