Universities are the institutions where the necessary knowledge and skills are provided for the development of the country. For this reason, universities are now among the major institutions that determine the future of the nation.

Universities have important duties and responsibilities to fulfil in discussing various social and economic developments, transferring cultural assets to younger generations, and gaining of and preserving new knowledge. There are also contributions of universities to the social welfare and to the increase in the level of life.

Today, the use and development of technology to capture the level of contemporaneous civilizations is of great importance. Universities are also obliged to carry out researches and  to make contributions to the development.

We have always supported the scientific researches of our academicians and students with this consciousness, and this support has progressively increased.

Forestry, aquaculture, animal husbandry, agriculture, chemistry, physics, environment and various projects were supported in various fields and some projects were carried out in collaboration with different institutions. Our academicians have carried out many scientific activities and projects supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), SANTEZ, EU and BAP in our university.

In 2014, we registered 2 patents for machinery and energy, and 1 patents for aquatic products in 2015. In 2016, 5 patents and a technology design were registered in total, 3 of which were in the field of fishery, 1 in the field of forestry engineering and 1 in the field of food engineering. We have already applied for 7 other patents which are in the review process.

Our Research Laboratory Application and Research Center has been put into service in 2015 in order to increase our scientific studies, to support the work of our academicians and to eliminate important analysis deficiencies in our region.

Research and development (R & D) and consultancy services are provided to public and private institutions in many fields with high technology devices in our Centers’ laboratories, which consist of 12 main units.  In addition, it provides services and support to the master’s and doctorate degree studies in both universities and other universities with its expert staff. The devices in our headquarters are capable of serving many fields of research such as physics, chemistry, biology, environment, materials, electrical and electronics, biomedical, machinery, construction, food, pharmaceuticals, forensics, dentistry, forestry, agriculture and aquaculture.

We become quite capable in terms of research education and training facilities in our university. But, of course we do not see it enough. I hope we will make them even better.

Our students are no different than students anywhere in the world. Because we are a university that one feels proud to be a graduate of, and we will continue to do what is best in order to keep it that way. With the determination to become a technology-producing university, we will make a full-fledged contribution to the scientific activities that our academicians are to perform.

All our specialized research laboratories and facilities, especially our Central Research Laboratories, together with our academicians, our entire University, our research institutions and researchers, are also in service of academicians from the private sector.

We will not turn down any demand within our possession. We are particularly pleased to announce that this clear statement of ours will be made available to all units and employees of the University / Institute / Research organization / Private sector organizations.

We present our regards, respects and best wishes to all with whom we can work together to put forth the best cooperation together.


                                                                                                              Prof. Dr. Seyit AYDIN

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